US Sports Betting Sites

Welcome sports fans, and thanks for taking the time to learn and read about the best US sports betting sites. You’re going to find a ton of different odds at an online book. There’s no doubt, there are more options for players on the internet than there are on land. The residents of the US have the chance to make real money from their kitchen tables. The online sportsbooks will keep anyone entertained for hours and they are insanely fun. No one in America is going to find a casino with as much to offer as the internet and not even the oldest Las Vegas casinos can compete.

Sports betting sites for US residents have wagers and betting on all major leagues and all the teams from across the country. There are many different types of wagers for each competition. Events like the super bowl attract millions of bets from users all over the planet and all the sports betting sites are going to have all the playoffs and championships for every sport. So try a sports betting site today because you’re going to find a new, addictive hobby that lasts a lifetime.

The US sports betting sites are legal and you’re not at risk for using them. These sites are safer than cigarettes and when you use a sports betting site, you’ll never be forced to sit around the smokers and drinkers like you would at Vegas. Access these sites, anytime, from your favorite armchair. These are just some of the great reasons why you should sign up for online betting today. Lastly, these sites pay out. They are legit and you can request a check at any time for every red cent you have in your account. The online sportsbooks aren’t scams, so check out our page for all the information you need to get started.

Are US Sports Betting Sites Legal?

Sports betting sites are legal in the US and they operate 24 hours a day. It’s awesome to finally have a great alternative to traveling to Las Vegas. Those Vegas casinos are nice; they have fancy chandeliers, and cheap lobster buffets, but not the kind of comfort and ease you will find at an online sportsbook. Don’t get shuffled by dirty transients during a long stroll down the boulevard looking for the best lines on your favorites. Instead, stay home and get your bets in using a US sports betting site.

Every state in the union would take advantage of licensed state-sponsored sports books if they could. Unfortunately, the federal government passed a law back in 1992, called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This bill outlawed the unauthorized acceptance of bets on competitions and other kinds of events, like elections. PASPA didn’t have any drastic effect outside of land-based opportunity in the US and bettors are still legal to use an online service. These companies are based in foreign countries and they aren’t subject to the consequences of American sports betting law. These great organizations are regulated by their own gaming commissions, and in their home jurisdictions, they are allowed to accept bets on sports from users all over the world.

Are the USA Sports Betting Sites Safe?

Using a sports betting site in the USA is safe for the player and taking advantage of these internet services don’t violate any laws. The old laws of the US are confusing and their meanings are misconstrued by politicians of the modern era. In fact, there are laws over fifty years old that have consequences for using services that weren’t fully innovated yet. The Wire Act of 1961 placed certain restrictions on telecommunication facilities, and this law is still cited as the main regulation for internet traffic. This law prohibits sending any information about bets and the mafia bookies were driven out of business as a result. The law’s target is the operators and not the bettors, and this bill included a provision protecting millions of Americans from legal consequences. The casual bettor includes anyone that would use an internet sports betting site, and making a bet online will never get the player in trouble with the federal government.

Why You Should Use Sports Betting Sites?

Players should join an online sportsbook to take advantage of a good deal. The smartest bettors know when to lay all their money down on a line or when to hedge their bets, and all of those winners use internet sites for getting in on the action. Sports betting sites are fantastic ways for bettors to make a wager legally in the US. This is the only way someone in Florida is going to bet on the Jaguars or for someone in Texas to make a bet on the Cowboys. These sites are available for any customer, regardless of what state they live in. Everyone has their lives to live, but online sportsbooks are great for the busy people who can’t get away for a vacation. When you live in New York, it isn’t always an option to go to Vegas on Sundays to bet on the Giants and be home in time for work on Monday. The best sites accept gamblers from all fifty states and it takes minutes to join.

Once a player joins up, they’ll have a few options for getting their money safely transferred to any online sportsbook. The US sports betting site accepts many different kinds of electronic transactions. One of the easier ways to get your account loaded with funds is by using your personal credit card. All of the major credit vendors like MasterCard, Discover, and Visa are accept and they will have low fees for these types of transactions. Most online sportsbooks charge around 5% to process a card, but the funds are available at the sportsbook instantly. You may pay for some fees using their online service, but it beats waiting on the post office to get your letter sent.

The Best US Sports Betting Sites

The best US sites for sports betting stand apart from the rest. They have larger communities and their books have more action. In addition, the online sportsbooks accept users from around the world, not just the United States of America. Players can connect with others and make friendships that last for a lifetime. These sites have fun experiences for everyone, and with more players in the running, there is more booty to go around. If g stands for gold, you’ll find the g-spot with all these great sites below.

  • Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50% up to $250 First Deposit Bonus

We had a review to do and so we tried Bovada a few years ago and we haven’t stopped using them yet. Bovada is a sweet sportsbook that is available to residents of the United States. We placed legal bets from right here in the US and won a dime and a half in total winnings. There was so much to bet on, we almost forgot about the rest of the website. It was easy to deposit more funds at Bovada and after that, we took a look around Bovada’s virtual casino page and hit a jackpot on a slot machine for $1400. We were super impressed with our experience there and we’re still going back.

We know that you’ll find a pleasurable experience at Bovada. We didn’t have any problems getting started and all it took was a valid email address. A confirmation click later, we made a legal sportsbook deposit using a credit card. When we’re doing reviews, it’s easy to write about the greatness of the sports book and how they have teams from all major sports. It’s unusual to talk about the deposit process, but we can tell you, it was simple and it was fast. Some sites don’t update their accounts quickly, but Bovada does. Our funds were available instantly and we placed bets within a few minutes.

  • BetOnline Sportsbook
  • 50% up to $1000!

We liked BetOnline because there site was different all together. They have a website that is both stylish and functional. Some of the sportsbooks will leave you scrolling through the schedules like your Facebook news feed, but BetOnline has a format that makes it easy to understand who’s playing and what the odds are. They have a unique layout that lets the user pick the league and see the full upcoming schedule. BetOnline’s got the right to accept users from all fifty states in the US from their gaming commission. This site also has a great selection of casino games and poker rooms.

We like sites that make sense to their members. The sportsbook bonuses at BetOnline are better than the smell of fresh coffee and you’re going to need a few extra cups when you stay up late making more bets. The free plays that members can receive will keep any new players from tasting the bitterness of defeat. This site reimburses first timer losers with free plays, so they don’t lose that glitter of gold in their eye. Take your winnings to the bank and listen to that satisfying “cha-ching” when you make a legal wager at BetOnline.

  • SportsBetting
  • 50% up to $1000 Welcome Bonus!

We got the most tickets from because they have amazing odds. We joined this site to check them out and found that they had a friendly community with people from all over the globe. is an internationally hosted site that offers legal sports betting to US residents. They are legendary when it comes to their MLB dime lines and now, has something for the hockey fans. Players who use are going to get reduced juice on NHL bets. This site is just puts the Vegas casinos to shame. You’re going to find a card room with live dealers, hundreds of slot machines, and other card games while you bet. was easy to join and it didn’t cost us a dime. In fact, we have only made big money we joined. We got a great welcome bonus of 50% just for depositing for the first time. After our big ticket won us a huge bet, the payout got to us faster than we expected. We like the risky bets and our underdog pick paid off bigtime. When we requested a payout, the check from arrived within a week, directly to the mailbox.

Payouts From US Sports Betting Sites

Requesting a withdrawal from any US sports betting site is a simple process. This is just as easy as asking your friend for a few extra bucks to pay for drinks, just give the website a call and they can make the arrangements. Websites will accept multiple withdrawal requests each week and they charge low processing fees. Players have a few options for the best sportsbook payouts, many sites will mail a check, set up a bank wire transfer, or even send gift cards.

Many of the websites prefer to mail a check because of the financial regulations of the United States. In 2006, the federal government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which severely limits the forms of acceptable transactions from betting establishments. This law doesn’t have any legal consequences for the gamer, it just affects the financial institutions. This law nothing more than a minor nuisance for online organizations, because they are located outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

Other Features Of US Sports Betting Sites

The best US sports betting sites don’t leave any part of the casino out. When you become a member to an online sportsbook, you’ll get more than just the ability to make legal bets on sports. These sites have large poker communities that run weekly and daily tournaments. You’ll find an ante that’s right for any size chip stack. Plus, many sites have live dealers that make the card playing experience sensual and entertaining. Also, be sure to check out the online casinos. You’ll find a wide variety of slot machines and other Vegas-style games. You might take a virtual toss of the dice, but there is never a chance you don’t enjoy yourself at any great US sports betting site.

  • Bovada
  • 50% up to $250 First Deposit Bonus
  • BetOnline
  • Start With a 50% Bonus up to $1000!
  • SportsBetting
  • 50% up to $1000 Welcome Bonus!
  • 5Dimes
  • 50% up to $520 For New Players!