Payout Methods at Sports Betting Sites

On this page, US players will find out all about payout methods, this includes commonly asked questions, a review, and a combined list of options from all sports betting sites that we feature. Your ability to have safe and secure withdrawal options is something we take seriously and want all potential bettors to know the ins and outs of these methods. Each question is answered with information that is accurate and up to date. We include a review on this page of the site that has shown exemplary service in the payout deportment. The methods that you can use is important information to have, and it will play a key role in choosing the betting site for you.

We would like to stress that all of our featured sites have great payout methods. These sites generally go above and beyond when it comes to giving members quality services, and making sure they get the best value out of their betting venues. Payouts are why they have so many members, and they want to make sure that players get the rewards that they rightfully earned. Explore and examine all of these payout options, and remember if you have questions about a sites withdrawal method, you can always contact customer service.

Can I Legally Accept Money From A Betting Site?

Yes, the sports betting sites that we feature in the US are legal, so accepting a payout from one is lawful and not violating any federal regulations for sports betting. These betting domains are all offshore, and that is how they remain lawful for US players. The sportsbooks are out of the jurisdiction of the federal government; however, they hold licenses domestically and are held to the same standards as any reputable business. If you want to know more about the federal laws and how legal these sites are, take a look at our laws page.

I can only encourage you to use our advocated venues, because A. these are vetted and investigated thoroughly before being featured, and B. I have not personally used every betting site, nor would I with the danger of personal and financial information being exchanged. The betting domains that we have researched have all been verified, hold proper licenses, and are regulated. They are audited regularly by international gaming committees to ensure fair gaming and security practices. So, be assured that it is legal to accept money or a payout of your winnings through these sites without any anxiety.

What Are The Steps To Request A Payout?

If you become a member at one of these sites, you will more than likely win a great deal of money. So, how can you claim your cash prizes? Easy, just make sure that you are signed into your account, and click on the cashier’s page. Once on the cashier’s page, you will notice a list of possible payout options. They usually have several options available to players, and all transactions are completed in the most secure and safe ways. You should read carefully through these methods and pay attention to the limits and terms of each. This will help you decide which option is the best fit for you.

You have chosen a method, what do you do now? Click on the withdrawal options, and a window or page should load giving you specific instructions on how to complete this transfer. For some options, you will need to contact a customer service associate in order to conclude. Player surveys suggest that the payout option that is preferred is the cash wire transfer option. With this, all you have to do is enter in the amount you wish to withdrawal, and once approved you will receive an email with your confirmation number. You will take this number with you to your nearest cash wire transfer center, or where any Western Union is available, fill out a form and use your code. Once you have done this, you will be given your cash and your transaction will be complete. This is how easy withdrawals can be, and how fast you can get your money. Just another reason to check out the great sites that we have to offer new bettors.

Which Betting Sites Have The Best Payouts?

There is a sports betting site that we review that has some of the best payout methods available for US players. This site we promote is always looking for new ways to help members have the first-rate experience, and by adopting the most accessible and speediest withdrawal options players will get their winnings efficiently and conveniently. Please take a moment to read about our favorite site.

  • Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50% up to $250 First Deposit Bonus

Bovada is a sports betting site for the professional bettor, or executive. Someone not afraid to take risks that payoff in huge ways. This book has everything you want in sports, from the brutish NFL to the relaxing games of tennis and golf, you are sure to get all the action and the best lines for all your favorite leagues and teams. Bovada has been around for years, and has built a solid foundation in the gaming community as one of the most successful and lucrative bettor’s havens in the business.

After joining Bovada and undoubtedly hitting a jackpot, how can you get your cash? Do not worry this site has you covered with safe and legal payout options. Cash wire transfers are a member favorite, because of the speed and availability of this method. Unlike with other sites, this site gives you one free withdrawal per month! Other options can be found of the books cashier page, and each option is fully explained and all terms and limits listed. Join the sports betting site that is not just in it for the money but for the love of their members and their interests.

What Types Of Withdrawal Methods Are There?

To give you a better understanding of what to expect and what options are available for withdrawals we will go through each method that these sports betting sites offer. As with all things, each payout comes with its own limits, and fees. That is why you should make sure you read every detail to get the one with the greatest value. Payouts have minimum and maximum amounts; this means that there is a cap on how much you can withdrawal in either large or small increments. Read the following to learn a little bit about each method.

What Is A Cash Wire Transfer?

A cash wire transfer is a method that you can utilize through Western Union or Money Gram retailers. You can find these retailers inside grocery stores, gas stations, etc. Once you sign into your account, you can select this option on the cashier’s page. A cashier will send you a confirmation code via email, and you will then take this code to your nearest bank wire transfer retailer to redeem your monies. When you fill out their paperwork be sure to write the code exactly as shown in your email, and your transaction will be complete once they hand over your funds. This option has specific times that it will be open to use, check the cashier’s page to make sure that it is available. If you have any problems with this method, you can all customer support.

Can I Request A Cashier’s Check?

Yes, you can request a cashier’s check with some of the sites we feature. This method will be located in the drop down menu on the cashier’s page. A window or page will appear once you have selected the check icon, and you will be asked to fill out some information. Click on the submit button after you are done filling in your info, and you have now completed this transaction. Maximum and minimum payout amounts vary and you will need to check the cashier’s page to find out more. There are fees depending on the amount that you withdrawal.

How Do Money Orders Work?

Money orders are easy transactions, but for this method, you have to call customer service and have an associate help you. Only a few select sites offer this option, so if this is how you would like to make a withdrawal you will need to look for it on the cashier page of the sports betting site that you choose. The max and minimums for a money order are varied and fees usually come with a flat rate.

How Do I Get The Debit Card Funds Application?

To get a debit card funds application, you will need to first use one of the other payout options available on the cashier’s page. You will also need to have a bank account that has issued you a debit card. No other cards can be accepted and you must live in the US or Canada, in order to be eligible for this method. Your monies will be transferred directly from the sports betting site to your debit card account. You will need to call customer service to get this option. Max amounts as well as minimums differ and can be found at the cashier’s page that offers this service. Fees are no more than $40 per transaction.

Can I Fill MyCash/Gift cards With My Payout?

Yes, on certain sites with this option, you can have your payout put onto select gift cards, and my cash cards. This method has set times that it is open, and before you can utilize this option, you should make sure it is not closed. You must be signed in, have your account verified, and be a US citizen to qualify for gift card/my cash payouts. Minimums and maxes for this option depend on the card you fill, some cards have $50 amounts, others much higher.

Can I Have Funds Transferred To My Bitcoin Account?

You can use bitcoin to transfer funds, but first your account must be verified. Without verification you cannot continue this transaction, accounts are verified using the email on file with your sports betting site, if not your request will be canceled. You can transfer twenty bucks or several thousand with this method. A flat rate fee is also associated with this option.

How Do Prepaid Cards (ATM Only Cards) Work?

Prepaid cards are just like any debit or credit card, but they can only be used at an ATM kiosk to withdrawal transferred funds. The card can be delivered to you by courier or through standard post. However, the fastest option is through courier, taking less than 7 days to arrive, whereas standard post can take up to a month. When using a courier there is a fee, or if you want free delivery use the standard post option. If you have requested a money order package, it will also cost you nothing for delivery. Once you have activated your card, you can request payouts, and funds will be immediately transferred to your card. There is a fee for every transaction.

How Do I Use A Bank Wire Transfer?

If you would like to use a bank wire transfer, you will need to call and speak with a customer support representative. They will give you a set of instructions to follow. You will need to have all of your banking information available, such as account number, and routing number. This should be gathered and ready before you call. This option ranges in a minimum of a couple hundred dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars in maximum. Fees with this option are never more than 80$.

Where Can I Cash My Payout Check (By Mail, Courier, Or EXPRESS)?

You can cash the check issued to you through your legal sports betting site anywhere checks are accepted. It can be delivered to you through mail, courier, or EXPRESS shipping; the speeds differ based on which delivery option you use. There are fees for deliveries but they do not exceed $50. You can withdrawal a few hundred or a few thousand with these options at one time. Check fees do not exceed $75.

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